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Dual Citizenship Questionnaire

The National Italian American Foundation (NIAF), in conjunction with the Embassy of Italy, welcomes you to the online Italian Citizenship Questionnaire. As you may have heard, some Italian Americans qualify for Italian Citizenship. It is our hope that this Questionnaire will facilitate your research and pursuit of this exciting possibility, Italian Citizenship.

Some may ask, why pursue Italian Citizenship when United States Citizenship is so coveted? That depends on the individual, but here are some frequently mentioned reasons: Italy is one of the most beautiful and popular countries in the world, it has a lower cost of living than in the United States, business and capital ventures in Italy are facilitated by Italian Citizenship, and visiting, residing, and working in other European Union countries including France, England, Germany, Spain, Greece, Ireland, Sweden, Portugal, Austria, and the Netherlands is greatly facilitated though Italian Citizenship. Also, an Italian passport would allow an individual to travel as an EU citizen if so desired.

Please read the Disclaimer Page very closely. This Italian Citizenship Questionnaire is a FREE resource intended strictly for informational gathering purposes only.

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Best Wishes on Your Italian Citizenship Pursuit.

The National Italian American Foundation

While serving as host for this Dual Citizenship Questionnaire resource, NIAF cannot and will not assist and/or respond to any questions or inquiries regarding the acquisition or reaquisition of Italian citizenship. Any and all questions regarding this subject matter must be directed to the Embassy of Italy and its respective Consular offices.